Kompaan Beer Fest

Van 14:00 - tot 23:00

Speciaal voor levensgenieters!

Enterthrough our heaven’s gates, and venture in a day for the saints or the sinners,Beer Fest at Kompaan Craft is giving you a new understanding of Beer Festivalsas you know them.

Twelve (inter)national breweries, with at least 1sour and 1 fresh hoppy beer from each, 
You walk across the dock of Kompaan, but there’s more to the market atmospherethan what meets the eye.

You spin around, spot the food: will you go for some charcuterie? A flatbread or the burgers that make your mouth water? Through the disco/funk music you hear cheers in the background. The groovy tunes put you ina spontaneous mood (and perhaps those few beer tasters you had ;-) ) and youdecide to follow the sounds of enthusiasm.

Before you know it, you’re cheering on some brewers at the beer pong table and you’re next. Afterwards you decide it’s time foranother small bite, a beer to go with that and have a seat at the harbourdocks. It’s golden hour and the mood is carefree, the night is young. You grab your friends, grab some beers, maybe that sour you were hesitating about?

As the night continues, nifty tunes and a cheekydance here and there, you go home, knowing it’s been a Saturday spent like no-other.

And you wouldn’t have spent it any other way.

Breweries attending:

               •              Poppels SWEDEN

               •              Overworks UK

               •              Lambrate ITALY

               •              Austmann NORWAY

               •              BRLO GERMANY

               •              Yria SPAIN

               •              Oersoep NL

               •              Van Moll NL

               •              Frontaal NL

               •              Moersleutel NL

               •              De Molen NL

               •              KOMPAAN NL ….. ;-)

Prices and tickets

So get your tickets now, catch up with this pageevery now and then to stay up-to-date, invite your follow beer geeks andfriends, and don’t miss out! Tickets for the Beerfest can also be purchased atthe entrance on the day of the event.

Kompaan Beer Fest 2019 Standard – incl. 3 coins,entrance, glass, beerguide and pen. – € 14,99

Kompaan Beer Fest 2019 Pre-sale – incl 8 coins,entrance, glass, beerguide and pen. – € 24,49

Kompaan Beer Fest 2019 Pre-sale – incl 13 coins,entrance, glass, beerguide and pen. – € 33,99

Kompaan Beer Fest 2019 Pre-sale – incl 18 coins,entrance, glass, beerguide and pen. – € 43,49

Tickets can be ordered here.

Datum: Zaterdag 29 juni 2019
Tijd: 14:00 – 23:00 uur
Locatie: Kompaan Craft Beer Bar, Saturnusstraat 55, 2516AE Den Haag

29 Jun