Oversturing #3
De Besturing, Saturnustraat 91

Van 20.30 - tot 24.00



After the first two Oversturing nights and the more recent Lost ‘n Found, we are proud to present you with Oversturing #3: an evening dedicated to loud rock music with a noisy, experimental twist.

Sludgy noise rock 3-piece HEADS. formed after a chance meeting in Berlin 2014 of two native Germans and one wandering Australian, and collectively are like-minded individuals drawing inspiration from the same filthy pools. As a trio, HEADS. have a straight-up, no-frills approach and a mantra of intensity through repetition. This is a band for those who like their music noisy and consistently abrasive. After the release of their self-titled debut LP HEADS. have played some intense live shows in Europe with bands the calibre of NOTHING (USA), METZ (CAN), USA NAILS (UK), PURLING HISS (USA), FJØRT (DE), DOPE BODY (USA), PROTOMARTYR (USA).
References: The Birthday Party / Jesus Lizard / Melvins
Listen: https://headsnoise.bandcamp.com/album/heads

Mathy, noisy rockband with dense songstructures that leave the listener with little room to breathe, a pretty accurate description of Katadreuffe’s music ever since the release of their first EP Quel Gargantua in 2009 up untill their latest release Malconfort in 2014. Recent shows however have revealed that the band is moving in a new direction: less frantic, more melodic, less dense, more organic.
References: The Locust / Guns ‘n Roses / My Bloody Valentine
Listen: https://katadreuffe.bandcamp.com

The Hague Noiserock dinosaurs FC Superbone have gone through several line-up changes over the years but have now returned to its original form: a trio with guitar player Wiebe again on vocals. The band has however been able to sound like themselves throughout all the line-up changes. Nervous music that you nevertheless can’t help but bob your head to. By the way, this is their first show with new bass player Joeri (also from Apneu).
References: Keelhaul / Mars Volta / Dazzling killmen
Listen: https://finechinasuperbone.bandcamp.com

Doors: 20:00
Bands: 21:00
The entrance is free of charge, however, we do kindly ask you for a donation to help cover the bands’ costs.

01 Jul